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Adult League Rules

Butler County Challenger ADULT league rules

Below are the rules for the adult league games.  This year’s adult teams include:  Reds, Rays, Nationals, and Marlins.  Coaches/Managers are responsible to ensure these rules are followed for each game.


1. All hitters are SAFE at first base, EXCEPT, if a fly ball is caught by the defense. If fly ball caught by a fielder, the batter is out and all base runners go back to their base.


2. All base runners WILL BE OUT at 2nd, 3rd, and home if play made by defense in the field. ALL OUTS ARE FORCE OUT, just tag the base. NO EXCEPTION!!!   If base runner SLIDES, THEY ARE OUT!


3. With runner(s) on base, when batter hits a ball into infield only, all runners can only advance one base unless defense makes an out at the base to which the runner is advancing. When batter hits a ball into the outfield, batter and base runners can try an advance to the next base. When the ball is thrown into the infield, runners can ONLY advance 1 base. No advancing beyond one base after ball is thrown into the infield.

4. A SLOW runner on base can lead off some to make it FAIR for that player to advance to the next base. Coaches will OK who can lead off.  No fast runners can lead off.


5. PITCH COUNT FOR ALL BATTERS! Each batter gets “5 GOOD” pitches or 10 pitches at most in their at bat. If batter fouls one or swings at pitch it is a good pitch and counts toward their 5 good pitches. NO EXCEPTION TO ABOVE RULE! Batter has choice after above rule to either use the hitting tee to hit or take a WALK to first base.


6. A ½ inning will end when one of 3 things happens. 1) Defense gets 4 outs   2) Team hitting get to 10th batter in the inning; that batter is the “LAST BATTER”.   3) Team has less than 10 batters; the last hitter is last batter.  Note: on last batter, play is ONLY AT HOME, for the out.


7. Defense can only have 5 players in the infield at one time. They MUST PLAY their position and only their base. ONLY the pitcher can do a force out at home!


8. All players playing the outfield must be in the outfield grass at all times. No outfield player can make an out at a base. They must throw the ball to a player on the base. NO EXCEPTION!


9. SCORE WILL BE KEPT for each game. Each team will try to have an equal number of players. IF a team has 12 and other 8 “DRAFT” 2 players to smaller team and make equal.  This will make it FAIR for all players in the game that night.


10. Games to last 1 ½ hours. Have to start new inning 15 minutes before time period is up. Plan on playing 3 to 5 innings with above playing rules.

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